About The Book

In 1787, the United States boldly stepped forward in the glorious light provided by their unique new Constitution. The confidence of the citizenry blossomed. The economy expanded in the assurance that one’s labor was one’s own. The nation became invigorated and the transformation was miraculous! The nations of the world stood in awe of the newfound strength and hope of this free land.

In the twenty-first century, America is in need of a miracle. The United States Constitution is again that miracle. It must be applied as vigorously and purely as it was in the beginning. Today’s national challenges can be traced to a divergence from the original intent put forth in the Constitution.

To Preserve The Nation is a call to action that statesmen of the caliber of the American Founding Fathers must be raised up. The timeless wisdom that established the United States must again be vigorously applied. The foundational principles must be learned, understood, and embraced.

The results will be as they were in the beginning. America may become again the freest, most prosperous, most respected, and happiest nation on earth. It is the intention of this lecture series To Preserve The Nation to begin that restoration.